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Section One
Section One

Where to begin?

No need to state the obvious. 2020 was a crazy year. Between pandemics, elections, civic unrest, devastating forest fires, murder hornets, and not being able to shake hands with anyone, there’s been a lot to process.

But through it all, a few things remained constant. Email. The death of big retail. Fedoras still not being fashionable. Debates like “Should designers code?” and “Is a taco a sandwich?”

It was a year to reflect on the little things. Things that seem annoying or pointless suddenly seem slightly less annoying and (maybe) less pointless. We recognize the little things, and cherish them for what they are on our little corner of the internet.

At Milkshake, we kept on trucking. Making things on the internet for bold businesses that are focused on their future. This is a small peek into our year. A year like many experienced, except we wrapped it in loud colors and huge typography.

A look at 2020 by the numbers.



Driven Through


Slices of Paulie Gee’s
pizza consumed


& Awards






Office Plants


New (Amazing)

Section Two

We had a busy year partnering with friends both old and new. We’re eternally grateful for the clients we’ve been working with for years, and welcome new relationships we hope to grow.

We stuck with our mission and focus. All of our work was creating brands and digital experiences - usually together. As usual, we were lucky enough to work in a ton of different industries like: food tech, education, psychedlic medicine, female entrepreneurship, hospitality, and real estate.

The Things We've Made

Time Equities

Time Equities

Strategy + Web

How does a global real estate company re-imagine their digital presence? Lots of strategy, interviews, and code.

Voy Media

Voy Media

Brand + Web

Digital advertising doesn’t have to be just numbers and CPMs. We gave Voy Media a strong identity to tackle bigger fish and make a splash.



Strategy + Web

We gave the legends of food tech a proper website and brand refresh. We’d like to think we helped get your food delivered faster.



Brand + Web

We helped the ahead-of-the-curve team at Mindbloom launch psychedelic medicine for the masses. Glowing reviews all around.

Oji Life Lab

Oji Life Lab

Brand, Web, App

We helped bring emotional intelligence to the masses. A new mobile app for those that want to conquer their emotions.

What does the future hold? Can it get worse? Will it hopefully get better? We honestly have no idea.

However, we put together a few predictions for the coming year. Some are realistic, and others are downright horrible (filler), but nonetheless, we wish you all a happy new year.


After a vaccine is finally approved and distributed globally, we begin to see a decline in infections, hospitalizations, and death.

Unfortunately, Apple ended up being the source of the outbreak after an extensive investigation.They plan on releasing COVID-19 Pro and COVID-19 Pro Max in 2021.


Athleisure finally puts an end to every other fashion trend. Levi’s and Big Demin all go bankrupt overnight, leaving a vacuum for sweatpants makers everywhere.

The company that creates Wedding Attire out of sweatpants has explosive growth, eventually unseating Tesla as the world’s most overvalued company.

Stock Market

After a head-to-head battle between cryptocurrency and traditional stocks, money as we know it becomes about as useful as the UN.

We begin to rely on bartering, much like a global Burning Man. Our training during the pandemic left us well-equipped to hoard commodities like toilet paper and toothpaste. Amazingly, the economy has never been stronger.

The Internet

The long-game finally pays off. The internet, once heralded as the future of humanity, did its final bidding and destroyed society from within itself. Misinformation, deep fakes, and endless newsletter popups for 10% off rendered humanity useless.

Our last hope, unplugging the damn thing, became impossible after the only man to do it decided to go hang gliding in a hurricane. A selfish yet thrilling mistake.

Outer Space

We finally contact intelligent life in our solar system. The news sends Earth into an even larger tailspin. Chaos ensues. We’re told to keep calm and carry on, but we’re glued to CNN’s TikTok to hear more about our extraterrestrial brethren.

The transmission ends up being an ad for alien deodorant called Astrostick®, sold directly to the consumer and made from only recycled materials. Upon hearing this, we ignore it and move along our daily lives - slightly more annoyed than before.


Weddings go one of two ways for you – Absolute pure jubilation. Pure chaos. Pure ecstacy. Before someone is telling you who they are and how they know the bride or groom, you’re putting a shot in their hand. Mr. Brightside or Sex is on Fire come on, or the band plays Run Around Sue, or the DJ plays WAP and you are literally parking your mack truck in every persons garage.

Or, you aren’t doing any of those things. Because you aren’t going to weddings. Because who the hell isn’t cancelling their wedding again? Selfish.

Pantone 17-5104

No one uses this color once. There is no such thing as “Ultimate Gray”. There’s change-of-pace gray, and background gray, and foggy gray, and grey, and gunmetal grey. But that’s enough grays. I’m looking in the #F0F0F0 to #FAFAFA range, or I’m using black at different opacities, but not Ultimate Gray. There is nothing strong or positive or thoughtful or ultimate about it. Sorry, Ernst and Young, but no.

Senate Runoff

In a surprise turn of events, in the Warnock/Loeffler race, 63% of people write in Andre 3000 and in the Ossoff/Perdue race, 56% write in Big Boi. Outkast is back baby! The south has got something to say!” Andre exclaims. Big Boi looks out at the victory crowd, “Tapes, CDs, baby please, you make me want to scream, you’re on my team starting first string so why are we arguing?” Everyone goes nuts.

Social Media

Facebook gets broken up, Instagram is sold off and the new buyer returns the feed to the chronological timeline. Augmented Reality goggles go mainstream and now you can’t see anyone’s mouths or eyes. DMVs in most states will still not let you renew your license online.

TikTok gains so much momentum that quartely investor calls are now done in 15 second dance clips.